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Stoney River Capital Partners’ Investment Community focuses on companies that meet most or all of the following criteria:

  • Strong management with meaningful equity stakes from the owners
  • Strong and significant market opportunity
  • Alignment of interests with management and other significant investors
  • Growth focused business model with ability to attract additional capital
  • Companies generating predictable operating cash flow with low technology and market risk
  • Repayment of debt is not dependent upon future growth
  • Attractive exit alternatives within a 3 to 5 year period
  • Companies with a superior competitive position in a defensible market niche
  • Financial structure which provides for reasonable margin for error
  • Diversified, stable customer / payor base

Below is the format of a 13-part Business Plan focused on the investment community's needs.  It is a format  that we like to use because we have found it the most effective for investors to understand the business side of your organization.   We request your business plan information be formatted appropriately using both narrative and bullets.  We want to make sure that it is easily read and digested by our investment community.  Our investment community prefers to look at business plans in this order so they can concentrate on the individual areas that are most important to their individual investment strategies.

  1.       The Company (Executive Overview of the business proposition)
  2.       Business Strategy
  3.       Market Opportunity
  4.       Management Team
  5.       Products and Services
  6.       Customers
  7.       Sales and Marketing Strategy
  8.       Strategic Partnerships and Alliances
  9.       Competition
10.       Revenue Model
11.       Financial History & Projections
12.       Capital Requirements and Use of Funds
13.       Exit Strategy

When completed, please email your business plan to

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