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Steven Winokur has worked with hundreds of companies to help them focus on top-line growth by clarifying their position, differentiation and message in the marketplace.  A graduate of the University of Miami, Steven has also earned an MBA from Emory University. He is recognized as a thought leader in branding and the architect of The Growth Gap™.

Turning Point Strategies offers the following five Services:

• Brand Blueprint – a document that looks and feels just like it sounds. This document outlines the new brand platform so employees understand what it means to them. For executives, it’s a visual representation of the brand, serving as a filter for all business decisions.
• Touchpoint Tour – a process that assesses internal operations from the perspective of the customer. Is this customer experience in alignment with expectations based on your brand promise? Processes are changed. Procedures adjusted. Products tweaked. All in the name of ensuring that every process, procedure and product in the business resonates with the new brand promise.
• Persona development – a process by which “characters” are developed to represent the wants, needs and desires of your customer base. They are best used to guide product development, customer interactions, and sales and marketing. Companies use personas to gain a better understanding of customers, create shorter design cycles and improve product quality.
• Loyalty and retention programs – programs that look at how to create a more loyal customer base, with a strong focus on interaction within the customer experience. Characteristics of current customers are examined as well as past customers. Programs are then developed to address how to keep customers for longer periods of time, while selling them more products and services.
• Growth Gap Assessment - The difference between good and great companies is strategy, beginning with an honest assessment of where you are today. Determining where you need to be, when and how you're going to get there is your growth strategy.  We first determine the highest priority gaps and then look to develop a strategy to close those Gaps.

Founded in 1999 by Steven Winokur, Turning Point Strategies measurably and dramatically improves our clients' sales by helping them clearly define and communicate their difference in the market. Its mission is to help small and mid-size businesses improve their top-line revenue by closing their Growth Gaps.

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