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Alan W. UrechMr. Alan Urech is a Senior Executive with 30 years experience in successfully developing and commercializing companies. He has grown multiple businesses by using strong strategic, tactical and operational leadership skills, methodologies and best practice expertise to help them understand and implement appropriate strategies. These organizations include HBO & Company where he was part of a team that saw the organization’s expansion from initial start-up to about $180 million dollars in revenue within 12 years. During this period, he was instrumental in developing successful healthcare product lines which significantly grew the Company’s overall profitability. HBOC was sold in 1998 for US$13.8 billion to McKesson Corporation, starting their information technology division.

Mr. Urech is the Managing Partner and Principal at Stoney River Capital Partners LLC, an Angel-backed consultancy that has cultivated over 600 capital sources that place appropriate investment into high growth companies. SRCP provides senior level management guidance on investment funding strategies, corporate growth planning and plan implementation, business directions and exit strategies. This guidance transforms successfully growing entrepreneurial companies into growth businesses that attract investment capital. His practice focus is to “coach” strong young entrepreneurial seed, start-up and expanding companies so they successfully communicate the company’s business proposition to the investment community.

He is also an Instructor in Georgia State University’s J. Mack Robinson College of Business. He teaches Entrepreneurship and Family Business in the Herman J. Russell, Sr. International Center for Entrepreneurship. Mr. Urech also writes a monthly column entitled “Entrepreneurs’ Corner” for the Business Post, an Appen Newspaper.

Alan has authored numerous articles on Private Equity Investing including thoughts of an Angel Investor.   Mr. Urech is based in Atlanta, GA.

Stoney River Capital Partners offers the following Services

• Operational, tactical and strategic support for expanding a company into a strong business by using experience combined with a methodical process that utilizes over 55 business-focused templates 
• Developing and implementing marketing strategies for securing Private Equity Funding
• Introductions to appropriate business resources
• Business development operational, tactical and strategic strategies
• Using “Long Tail” and “Blue Ocean” strategies to help expand the unique value proposition of a business.

Stoney River Capital Partners LLC (SRCP) is a business services firm that operates as a Facilitator or Consultant “bridge” between successful growing entrepreneurial organizations and the private and public investment communities.  Our Unique Value Proposition is that SRCP understands the needs and disconnects between the organizations it represents and the Private Equity and Banking Investment Communities.  It successfully “bridges” this disconnect by developing solid business infrastructures with our clients. SRCP completes this bridge through an intensive pre-investment Due-Diligence Process of its clients’ current business environment.   We place this business knowledge in a signature “Due Diligence Capital Investment Notebook”, in which our Clients have completed over 48 investor / company business structure “Templates” that form the core of the due diligence process.  This information and knowledge is completed prior to Investors evaluating the Company, minimizing the time needed for Investors to impose a “No Shop” clause in their term sheets.  In-depth business information and knowledge is required by the private equity community for capital investment.

SRCP focuses in the Healthcare, Information Technology, Life Sciences and Consumer Product industries but is certainly open to any attractive funding opportunity that presents itself. 

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