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Terry Mikloucich has a thirty year career in the information technology industry consistently demonstrating success in sales and management positions.  He uses leadership, innovation, and creativity to build customer value, conquer competitive selling environments, increase revenue, accelerate new customer acquisition, and open new markets.  Terry’s hands-on approach for go-to-market development and execution is used to forge new avenues into complex and difficult markets as well as expand existing markets.

In 2004, Terry founded Harvester & Company, a management consulting and professional services firm where he specializes in helping technology and services based companies accelerate revenue and new customer acquisition, refine strategies, and build/execute sales programs.  He has grown revenues each year with over a 150% growth rate last year.

In his last corporate assignment as Vice President of Sales for a software and professional services firm, Terry transformed a product-based company into being a solutions provider to double revenues.  He opened new markets where his company was able to achieve the market leadership position.

Harvester & Company offers the following Services:

• Management consulting
• Business development 
• Go-to-market planning and execution
• Sales acceleration

Harvester & Company's unique value proposition is that it accelerates revenue and new customer acquisition with an outside-in framework that strengthens the competitive advantage for companies of all sizes. Our industry specific expertise distills complex business issues and provides penetrating market insights and tools to eliminate risk and guide go-to-market execution. 

Contact Information:

Terry Mikloucich, Managing Partner
Harvester & Company 
2475 Northwinds Parkway, Suite 200
Alpharetta, Georgia  30009
Telephone Number:(678) 339-0808
Cell Telephone Number: (404) 386-5049
Email: Terry@Harvesterandcompany.com








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