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Bill Freels is a Solutions Sales Executive with over 20 years of Big 4, Fortune 50, and entrepreneurial experiences leading BPO, IT, and supply chain solutions selling organizations. He has successfully led solutions sales teams to generate a total of over $550MM in realized and projected revenues at companies as large as AT&T and Ernst & Young through to true start-ups, and enabled mid-cap through Fortune 500 clients to increase revenues, decrease operating costs, and build sustainable competitive advantage.

Control Sourcing Solutions offers the following Services

• Outsourced Business Development Support
• Supply Chain and Procurement Optimization

Control Sourcing Solutions is an outsourced business development practice that leverages a portfolio of relationships with specialized supply chain and procurement consultancies, including global and domestic strategic sourcing firms, offshore manufacturers, and procurement optimization firms. These firms collectively specialize in driving substantial costs out of the extended supply chains and procurement functions at mid-cap companies up through the Fortune 500 (generally firms between $200MM – $10B in ann. rev.), and across industry verticals.

Contact Information

Bill Freels, Managing Partner
Control Sourcing Solutions, LLC
4514 Chamblee Dunwoody Rd., Suite 111
Atlanta, GA 30338
Telephone Number: 770.936.0369
Cell Telephone Number: 404.643.2666
Website URL:




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